Slewing drive carrying capacity improvement scheme


The rotary drive is mainly composed of a base, a worm gear and a worm, and the main function of the base is to fix the position of the worm gear and the worm, and the actual transmission of motion and power is still composed of the driving part worm and the driven part worm gear. In the rotary drive of similar size, how to improve its carrying capacity requires continuous optimization in the design and processing of worm gears and worms.

In the SS (SE) and SV (SVE) series products, Koling New Energy uses the toroidal enveloping worm structure, so that the worm and the worm gear mesh with 3-5 teeth at the same time, and squeeze out the limit of the material in terms of output torque and holding torque .

In the WE and WEA series, Koling New Energy uses a secondary enveloping worm structure, which changes the worm and worm gear from line contact to surface contact, which not only optimizes the product's carrying capacity, but also improves the working efficiency of the product.

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The carrying capacity of the slewing drive is an important indicator to measure its performance. In order to improve its carrying capacity, the following measures can be taken:

1、Increase the strength of the gear: By increasing the size of the gear and improving the manufacturing process of the gear, the strength of the gear can be improved, thereby increasing the bearing capacity of the rotary drive.

2、Optimized design: By optimizing the design of the rotary drive, such as changing the meshing position of the gears and enlarging the contact area between the teeth and the worm, the contact stress and friction coefficient can be reduced, thereby improving the bearing capacity of the rotary drive.

3、Using high-performance materials: Using high-strength and high-hardness materials, such as alloy steel and ceramics, can improve the wear resistance and durability of gears, thereby increasing the bearing capacity of the rotary drive.

4、Adding a lubrication system: By adding a lubrication system, the friction coefficient of the gears can be reduced, reducing wear and tear, thereby increasing the load-carrying capacity of the slewing drive.

To sum up, taking the above measures can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the slewing drive, increase its performance and service life.