Fog cannon truck Slew Drive Slew Ring


Fog cannon truck is a new type of urban road dust removal equipment, which has the following characteristics:

Efficient dust removal: The fog cannon truck adopts high-pressure spray technology, which can evenly spray water mist into the air, effectively reduce the dust content in the air, and achieve the effect of efficient dust removal.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The spray technology adopted by the fog cannon will not produce secondary pollution. At the same time, because water is used as the medium, the energy consumption is low and the use cost is low.

Easy to operate: The fog cannon vehicle adopts automatic control technology, which is easy to operate and does not require too much manual intervention.

Wide range of use: the fog cannon truck is suitable for dust removal operations in urban roads, construction sites, ports, expressways and other places.

The rotating device of the fog cannon vehicle adopts slewing drive and slewing bearing:

Fog cannon vehicle with rotary drive:

Rigidity requirements: The fog cannon vehicle needs to bear complex loads such as axial force, radial force and overturning moment during work, so the rotary drive is required to have high rigidity and high load-bearing capacity;

Accuracy requirements: The fog cannon vehicle needs to accurately control the spraying range and spraying volume, so the rotary drive is required to have high precision and good stability;

Corrosion resistance and wear resistance: The fog cannon vehicle will face various harsh environments during work, such as acid and alkali, salt spray, dust, etc., so the rotary drive is required to have corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

Easy maintenance: the fog cannon needs frequent maintenance and maintenance, so the rotary drive is required to be easy to disassemble and easy to maintain;

Reliability: The fog cannon vehicle needs to ensure reliability and stability during work, so the rotary drive is required to have high reliability.

Fog cannon vehicle with slewing bearing:

The fog cannon machine is driven by a hydraulic pump station, and the left and right rotation is based on the high-strength slewing support between the chassis and the U-shaped frame. This structure allows the fog cannon to turn 180 degrees to the left and 180 degrees to the right after being reset. The power source of the steering can be powered by a hydraulic motor or a worm gear. The hydraulic push rod is used for the up and down pitch angle. The hydraulic push rod needs to adjust the oil delivery volume and the size of the push rod according to the design angle. Now the standard pitch angle in the industry is 0-45°.