AGV Drive Wheels Slew Bearing


    The AGV drive wheel perceives the attitude and position information of the AGV through the sensor, and transmits this information to the control system. The control system calculates the motion trajectory and speed required by the AGV according to the AGV's operating route and task requirements, and realizes the precise navigation and motion control of the AGV through the control system of the driving wheels. Specifically, the AGV drive wheel adopts a differential drive structure, which consists of two directional drive wheels and two universal wheels. The two directional drive wheels can rotate according to the instructions of the control system to generate driving force and push the AGV forward. At the same time, the two universal wheels can rotate freely to help the AGV perform operations such as steering and obstacle avoidance.

    The turntable on the AGV drive wheel is usually a special slewing bearing, which has the characteristics of high load capacity, high speed, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. They are installed on the AGV driving wheel device, which can rotate with the rotation of the wheel, helping the driving wheel to generate driving force and pushing the AGV forward. The slewing bearing on the AGV drive wheel is usually composed of bearing inner and outer rings, rolling elements and cages. Among them, the rolling element is the main friction part of the bearing, which can roll between the inner and outer rings of the bearing. The cage is used to maintain the position of the rolling elements and prevent them from contacting each other and causing wear. The turntable on the AGV drive wheel has a very important impact on the driving performance and life of the AGV, so it is necessary to select high-quality bearings and perform regular maintenance and maintenance.