Rollix Slewing Bearing

Rollix-Slew-BearingRollix is a world class manufacturer specializing in slewing rings since 1969. Rollix has been developing its expertise internationally over the years and currently exports 95% of its production to more than 65 countries on five continents.

Rollix, a division of the Defontaine Group, offers a wide range of reliable and durable slewing rings in sizes ranging from 100mm to 6,200mm, with or without gears, and in materials ranging from C45 to 42CrMo4, as well as more specific materials such as Titanium and many others alloy.

Rollix slewing rings' unique raceway finish grinding process and precise pairing of each ring allow optimal adjustment to the preload required by the application.

The quality and precision of Rollix slewing ring products will keep your machines running smoothly and safely. The Rollix slewing ring product line includes ball bearings, crossed roller bearings or roller bearings and expands from standard slewing rings to custom slewing rings depending on your application requirements.

The Rollix Compact slewing bearing range from Rollix slewing bearings has been specially developed for precision applications. This top-of-the-line product is available with preload, with or without gears and crossed rollers, and offers high stiffness and low torque. These compact rings are lubricated with Mobilux EP2 grease.

Rollix Compact slewing bearings from Rollix are used in robots, machine tools, indexing tables, tool changers, rotary tables, welding units, etc.

Rollix RT (rotary table) slewing rings from Rollix slewing bearings are ideal for applications requiring high positioning accuracy. The RT series of Rollix slewing bearings are designed to ensure high geometrical quality and rotational accuracy. Rollix slewing rings' 3-row roller rings are interchangeable with standard references in the market, while providing Rollix slewing ring customers with Rollix quality and service.

The ball bearing slewing ring series of Rollix slewing bearings can bear axial and radial loads and overturning moments. Rollix slewing rings offer a low constant torque product with a unique raceway finish ground, preloaded to optimize the ring's load capacity and service life. Rollix ball bearing slewing rings are tested on the Rollix slewing rings bench and have become a worldwide reference for many years, guaranteeing 100% reliability. The Rollix slewing ring line of single row ball slewing rings is used in hundreds of applications.

Crossed roller rings from Rollix slewing bearings are ideal for applications requiring high rotational accuracy and stiffness. The transverse arrangement of the cylindrical rollers in the raceway enables the rings of the Rollix slewing ring to support loads in all directions. Suitable for applications ranging from heavy-duty robotics to the world's tallest 100-meter aerial lifts, Rollix's range of crossed-roller slewing rings are rigid enough to keep operators safe.

Two rows of balls are ideal for applications that handle high loads, increasing the load capacity of the rings of the Rollix slewing ring, especially to meet the requirements of high overturning moments. Simultaneous grinding of both raceways ensures optimum preload and torque. The Rollix slewing ring range of double row ball bearing slewing rings is the market standard for wind turbine blades, marine and offshore cranes.

The Heavy Duty (HD) rings of Rollix slewing rings are specially developed for applications requiring high axial or radial load capacities and overturning moments. The positioning angle of the rollers is precisely calculated according to the force, depending on whether they are mainly axial or radial, while still allowing high speed rotation without overheating. Special seals are available for the dusty environment of mines or the corrosive environment of ships and offshore platforms. The HD ring range of Rollix slewing bearings has proven to be reliable, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction even under the most extreme conditions.

The heavy-duty range of Rollix slewing rings are used in offshore cranes, offshore winch systems, azimuth thrusters, bucket wheel excavators, large mining excavators and more.

Lightweight range of Rollix slewing bearings, including L-shaped rings or solid sections. Its slimmer, lighter yet robust design is ideal for standard applications. The rings of Rollix slewing bearings are interchangeable with standard market products and are also available with or without mounting holes depending on the required application. Available in 3 preload ranges, they are suitable for a wide variety of applications, providing an efficient and reliable solution at an optimized cost. The LIGHT SERIES slewing rings of Rollix slewing rings are used for turntable or light load handling systems.

Rollix Crossed Rollers Internal Gear

07-0673-00, 07-0770-00, 07-0849-00, 07-0885-01,07-0946-05, 07-1075-01, 07-1140-13,07-1304-04, 07-1385-03, 07-1606-02, 07-1830-04, 07-1997-04, 07-2400-00, 07-2810-09

Rollix Crossed Rollers without Gear

08-0220-05, 08-0270-04, 08-0307-00, 08-0340-04, 08-0400-00, 08-0405-05, 08-0475-08, 08-0574-08, 08-0675-00, 08-0823-08, 08-0980-06

Rollix balls External Gear

01-0181-02, 01-0235-00, 01-0289-06, 01-0342-00, 01-0422-01, 01-0555-01, 01-0626-00, 01-0765-01, 01-0880-00, 01-0947-00, 01-1050-00, 01-1180-00, 01-1295-01, 01-1410-00, 01-1595-00, 01-1712-00, 01-1845-02, 01-1895-00, 01-2040-03, 01-2130-00, 01-2202-00, 01-2560-01, 01-3031-00, 01-0181-02

Rollix Balls Internal Gear

02-0245-00, 02-0308-01, 02-0422-00, 02-0520-00, 02-0626-01, 02-0720-02, 02-0820-00, 02-0935-00, 02-1050-00, 02-1225-00, 02-1295-00, 02-1415-00, 02-1565-02, 02-1715-00, 02-1805-02, 02-2022-00, 02-2040-00, 02-2202-00, 02-2560-00, 02-2618-00, 02-3074-01, 02-0245-00

Rollix Balls without Gear

03-0181-07, 03-0217-00, 03-0260-00, 03-0342-05, 03-0360-00, 03-0402-00, 03-0525-01, 03-0600-02, 03-0785-00, 03-0980-02, 03-0181-07

Light Series slewing Bearings

21-0411-01, 21-0541-01, 21-0641-01, 21-0411-01, 21-0741-01, 21-0841-01, 21-0941-01, 21-1091-01, 22-0411-01, 22-0541-01, 22-0641-01, 22-0741-01, 22-0841-01, 22-0941-01, 22-1091-01, 23-0411-01, 23-0541-01, 23-0641-01, 23-0741-01, 23-0841-01, 23-0941-01, 23-1091-01

Light Series Solid Sections Bearings

31-0411-01, 31-0541-01, 31-0641-01, 31-0741-01, 31-0841-01, 31-0941-01, 31-1091-01, 32-0411-01, 32-0541-01, 32-0641-01, 32-0741-01, 32-0841-01, 32-0941-01, 32-1091-01, 33-0411-01, 33-0511-01, 33-0641-01, 33-0741-01, 33-0841-01, 33-0941-01, 33-1091-01,