Slewing Drive Application

Slewing Drive ApplicationThe application fields of slewing drive are generally the full-circle slewing structure of engineering and construction machinery, as well as solar energy, wind energy and various long-term automatic tracking machinery.

The slewing drive can be used in any occasion that requires full-circle rotation and variable speed requirements. When it is necessary to achieve power transmission with high torque, high-precision motion transmission, or the selection of a mechanism that requires a compact body structure and a high level of integration, the slewing drive is the best solution. There are also applications in the field of industrial robots.

The fields of application of the slew drive are as follows:

1, Mining, construction, metal processing and other application equipment that require perfect precision. Use slewing technology for safety and accuracy such as: aerial lifts, rotary forklifts, truck mounted cranes, cable winders, fire trucks, hydraulic machinery and utility equipment, and more.

2, Precision equipment such as military equipment, satellite antennas, solar trackers, printing presses and telescopic devices. Benefit from the absolute precision provided by the rotary drive.

3. Beam transport vehicles, aerial work vehicles, industrial robots, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and construction machinery claws and other fields.