More Applications For Slewing Drives


Slew drives are used in a wide variety of applications due to their ability to transfer high torques between two shafts that are not aligned. Here are some of the industries and applications where slew drives are commonly used:

1. Mining and Heavy Construction: Slew drives were once primarily utilized for mining and heavy construction.

2. Solar and Wind Turbines: With the advancement in technology, slew drives have found applications in solar and wind turbines.

3. Amusement Rides: Slew drives are also used in amusement rides due to their tremendous strength, accuracy, safety, and efficiency.

4. Aerial Lifts & Man Lift Platforms: These platforms require the rotational movement provided by slew drives.

5. Antennas, Radar, and Telescopes: These devices often require precise rotational movement, which can be provided by slew drives.

6. Bottling, Food, and Packaging Industries: Slew drives can be used in the machinery for these industries.

7. Construction Machines and Cranes: Slew drives are often used in heavy machinery for construction.

8. Deep Mining and Bulk Handling: Slew drives can handle the high torques required in these industries.

9. Defense Technology and Drilling Rigs: These applications require the strength and efficiency of slew drives.

10. Factory Automation, Forestry & Agriculture: Slew drives can be used in automated machinery and equipment used in forestry and agriculture.

11. Medical Technology, Metal Production & Processing: Slew drives find their application in medical devices as well as in metal production and processing industries.

These are just a few examples. The application of slew drives is extensive and continues to increase significantly with advancements in technology. They are synonymous with quality and precision, continuing to innovate under the most demanding conditions.