R&D Center

R&D Center

  • CMM Testing

    CMM Testing

    The three-coordinate measuring instrument in the bearing industry is an instrument that obtains the geometric size and shape of the bearing by means of non-contact measurem.

    2023-06-25 2066

  • Salt Spray Experiment

    Salt Spray Experiment

    Salt Spray Experiment Salt spray test is an experimental method used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. The purpose is to evaluate the co.

    2023-06-02 749

  • Slewing drive motor test

    Slewing drive motor test

    Use a magnetic powder dynamometer to test the torque, speed and output power of the slewing drive motor. A magnetic powder dynamometer can be used to test the torque, speed an.

    2023-08-18 626

  • Test slewing drive operating environment

    Test slewing drive operating environment

    The purpose of running the slewing drive simulation test in a constant temperature and humidity environment is to test its performance and stability under different environment.

    2023-08-16 595

  • Observing metal crystals

    Observing metal crystals

    A metallographic microscope is an instrument that can observe the internal structure of metals. The crystallization of a metal refers to the arrangement of atoms in the metal, .

    2023-08-15 591

  • Slewing Bearing spectrum measurement

    Slewing Bearing spectrum measurement

    Direct reading spectrometer can quickly and accurately analyze the content of various elements in slewing bearing materials, including carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, s.

    2023-08-15 628

  • Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

    Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

    The servo testing machine is an industrial machine used to complete different tests, such as tensile properties, tensile strength and deformation rate, breaking force, tear res.

    2023-08-12 609

  • Slewing Drive Worm Gear & Worm

    Slewing Drive Worm Gear & Worm

    Slewing drive worm gear is a commonly used transmission device, which is composed of slewing drive worm and rotary drive worm gear, which can achieve large speed ratio and di.

    2023-08-11 600

  • Sample Notch Imager

    Sample Notch Imager

    Impact resistance testing is an experimental method used to evaluate the impact resistance of materials or objects. It usually uses impact force to exert external force on materi.

    2023-08-10 631

  • IP65 Waterproof Test

    IP65 Waterproof Test

    The waterproof test box is used to detect the waterproof ability of the solar rotary drive, and to check whether the rotary drive shell and seal can guarantee the good performa.

    2023-08-08 641

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