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IP65 Waterproof Test


The waterproof test box is used to detect the waterproof ability of the solar rotary drive, and to check whether the rotary drive shell and seal can guarantee the good performance of the equipment and components during storage, transportation and use in a rainy climate environment.

The test methods for solar slewing drive waterproof performance test and IP waterproof level test are:

1. Vertical dripping test;

2. Water spray test;

3. Strong flushing test;

4. Water immersion test;

5. High temperature and high pressure spray test.

The waterproof level of the solar slewing drive track I produced reaches IP65. IP65 IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection. The IP level is the protection level against the intrusion of foreign objects in the electrical equipment shell, such as: explosion-proof electrical appliances, waterproof and dustproof electrical appliances, the source is International Electrician The committee's standard, IEC 60529, was also adopted as an American National Standard in 2004.


A: Completely prevent dust from entering;

B: Low-pressure injection at any angle has no effect.