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Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine


The servo testing machine is an industrial machine used to complete different tests, such as tensile properties, tensile strength and deformation rate, breaking force, tear resistance, heat seal strength properties, roller peel test, 90 degree peel, Rope breaking force, trouser tearing force, 180-degree peeling, compression test, bending test, shear test, burst test, etc.

According to the different needs of customers, different fixtures can be installed, such as wide sample fixtures, Japanese fixtures, British fixtures, etc., to meet the standards of many countries.

The servo universal testing machine is composed of a main engine, a servo control system, a load sensor, a displacement sensor, an electrical control system, etc. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high precision, and good stability.

The working principle of the servo universal testing machine is to control the movement of the oil cylinder through the electro-hydraulic servo automatic control system, thereby applying different forces and displacements to the sample to test its mechanical properties. The electro-hydraulic servo automatic control system is composed of advanced controller, servo valve, sensor, amplifier, etc., which can realize the closed-loop control of test force, cylinder displacement and sample deformation.