Precision Turntable Bearing

Rotary table bearing is a slewing mechanism whose outer ring rotates and inner ring supports. It is mainly divided into three series: YRT type, YRTS type and YRTM type. These three series bearings have the same installation size, different internal structures and similar performance. YRT series rotary table bearings are composed of three rows of rollers, two rows of axial rollers ensure a stable axial bearing capacity, and one row of radial rollers ensures that the bearings can withstand radial force and overturning moment, and are suitable for slewing mechanisms with axial loads. YRT turntable bearings are mainly used in CNC machine tool manufacturing.

Precision Turntable Bearing

YRT rotary table bearing is composed of a thrust/radial shaft ring, a thrust washer, two needle roller cage assemblies and a set of radial cylindrical rollers. The seat ring and the shaft ring have evenly distributed screw holes for installation. This type of bearing has high axial and radial load carrying capacity. High tilt stiffness and high precision. Suitable for bearing arrangements in rotary tables, chucks and milling heads as well as in measurements and experiments. This type of bearing also has higher requirements on the matching equipment parts. During installation, the tightening torque of the mounting screws must be controlled.

Series   Dimension(mm)The fixing holesOuter ring
dDHH1H2Cd1dndmInner ring(mm)

Application: Precision rotary tables, CNC rotary tables, Vertical grinding machines, Dividing heads, Gear hobbing machines, Workpiece shafts of gear milling machines.

YRTS high-speed turntable bearing series has higher speed than YRT standard series, and the friction torque is low and uniform in the whole speed range. The external structure and size are the same as YRT series, but the internal structure is relatively different from YRT series. This series is driven by direct drive motor. It is more appropriate to use.

YRTS high-speed turntable bearings (referred to as YRTS turntable bearings) series have the same external structure and dimensions as YRT series, but the internal structure is different from YRT series, which determines that the YRTS turntable bearing series has a higher limited speed and friction torque than YRT series. Rotary table bearing series are low and uniform, so they are chosen for applications requiring relatively low friction but relatively high speed, such as bearings used on shafts driven by direct drive motors.

Series   Dimension(mm)The fixing holesOuter ring
dDHH1H2Cd1dndm Inner ring(mm)

Application: It is widely used in precision devices such as precision rotary table vertical grinding machines, dividing heads, gear hobbing machines, and workpiece shafts of gear milling machines.

The angle measurement system is integrated on the basis of the standard series of YRT turntable bearings, which can realize angle measurement with an accuracy of up to 1 arc second, which is very suitable for applications that have high requirements for angle positioning accuracy.

The measurement of angular displacement plays a very important role in industrial applications. Especially in the machine tool industry, there is a high requirement for the rotation angle of the workpiece, which requires precise measurement and control of angular displacement.

Nowadays, for the measurement of angular displacement, the more commonly used methods are grating encoder, magnetic grating encoder, etc. At the same time, because it is installed on the YRT bearing, the combined bearing has extremely high rotation accuracy and can bear axial load at the same time , radial load and overturning moment, it is very suitable for high-precision CNC turntable, dividing head, scientific research experiment and measurement in the machine tool industry with high requirements.

Series  Dimension(mm)The fixing holesOuter ring
dDHH1H2Cd1dndm Inner ring(mm)

YRTM rotary table bearings can be used in precision rotary tables and rotating shafts, dividing heads, radar, aviation, aerospace, and measurement and testing fields that require high angular rotation accuracy.

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