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Slew Drive Xenon Lamp Aging Experiment


    To carry out the xenon lamp aging test experiment of the sealing of the rotary drive, it is first necessary to prepare the experimental equipment, including the xenon lamp, light source controller, thermometer, humidity controller, sample holder, etc. You can then experiment with the following steps:

  1. Place the rotary drive on the sample holder and seal it in the experimental equipment.

2. Turn on the xenon lamp, and set the irradiation time and light intensity.

3. During the experiment, it is necessary to continuously observe and record parameters such as temperature and humidity of the rotary drive.4. After the experiment, turn off the xenon lamp and take out the sample for testing.

5. Analyze the experimental data and draw conclusions.

It should be noted that this experiment needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the prescribed steps, otherwise it will affect the experimental results. At the same time, safety issues also need to be paid attention to during the experiment.