Features of double-axis solar tracking reducer

Two-axis solar tracking reducer: SDE series is one of the solar tracker series independently developed by our company. It is the world's advanced automatic tracking photovoltaic system. It is combined with photovoltaic solar panels to form an integrated system. The solar photovoltaic panel can automatically rotate with the solar energy like a "sunflower", and obtain high-efficiency solar energy to the maximum extent, thereby converting it into electrical energy and improving power generation efficiency. This kind of solar energy system that can be tracked at any time has increased the power generation efficiency by more than 35%. .

The features of SDE series automatic tracking solar photovoltaic power generation equipment are:

1. Structural features: SDE series solar trackers adopt a transmission mechanism with large transmission ratio and high torque, which is reasonable in structure, light, safe and reliable.

2. Technical features: The SDE series solar tracker system cooperates with the photoelectric control system, which can automatically rotate the photovoltaic panel square array horizontally, and the tracking accuracy can reach ≤0.05°

3. Benefit characteristics: increase power generation efficiency by more than 35%; reduce power generation cost by more than 40%; can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

4. Energy-saving features: suitable for 24V DC motor drive, low power and stable performance.

5. Use features: fully automatic tracking, automatic return at night; tracking mechanical transmission mechanism without adding lubricant, maintenance-free for ten years; mechanical life of 25 years.

6. Easy and fast installation: the unit is integrated and connected by bolts, which is convenient for equipment installation, disassembly and transportation.

Main purposes and fields of application:

The main purpose of SDE series automatic tracking solar power generation equipment is to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy, and provide the cleanest and safest energy for human society. Applicable to villas, farms, parks, roads, theaters, sports venues, hospitals, institutions, schools and power plants cluster grid-connected power generation; remote areas, grasslands, deserts, islands and other areas without electricity that cannot be reached by grid power; also It can be used as an alternative energy source for supplementary power consumption in remote areas, rural areas, and mountainous areas where power is insufficient.