SE WE WD Slewing Drive

Zenithund New Energy slew drives are designed for long life and low maintenance. They require a small amount of installation space but can withstand the highest loads. That's why they are the top slew solution for many applications: Zenithund New Energy slew drives are used in forestry, agriculture, mining, manned lifting platforms, numerous maritime applications as well as in machine building and plant engineering.

Drilling Rigs slewing drive

Drilling Rigs

Drilling booms whose horizontal drilling linkage is taken into position using a slew drive from the WD-L range (two drives)

/ pinion and worm driven versions

/ fully enclosed housing for rugged environmental conditions

/ max. torques up to 450 kNm

/ max. breakdown torque load up to 1200 kNm

/ raceway diameter up to approx. 1000 mm

welding tables slewing bearing

Factory Automation Intralogistics

Our tried and tested standard and special solutions make it possible for us at Zenithund New Energy to offer top performance, functionality and safety in factory automation, intralogistics and internal conveyor and lifting technology. 

/ forklift rotators/ roll clamps (rotating)/ rotary tables and turntables/ welding tables/ lifting and rotary pillars/ swivel spreaders/ swivel units/ pallet automation

/ rotary, swivel, and slewing tasks solved in a compact way

/ a single building block system for slew drives in all sizes and for all loading tasks

/ increased productivity thanks to tailor-made customer solutions

/ Zenithund New Energy experts provide support using optimized special solutions

Zenithund New Energy slew drive for the demolding of car seats

Zenithund New Energy slew drive turn-over device for concrete factory

Customized solutions from our application engineering experts.

agriculture slewing drive


With it's proven customized solutions, Zenithund New Energy offers the highest safety standards with the best performance and functionality for amusement park rides of all kinds.

WD slew drive for the seating area of a 3D movie theater

/ pinion and worm driven versions

/ closed housing for highest level of safety

/ max. torques up to 450 kNm

/ max. breakaway torque load up to 1200 kNm

/ raceway diameters up to approx. 1000 mm

combine harvesters slew drive

Forestry & agriculture

Zenithund New Energy slew drives ensure the most efficient possible transmission of high power and torque inside a compact, closed unit.

 mowing machines/ wood choppers/ combine harvesters/ trailers/ logging equipment/ forage harvesters/ felling devices/ slurry transporters/ municipal vehicles

A fully enclosed unit

/ self-contained component – no separate sub-components

/ perfectly fitting parts

/ fast installation

/ protective housing

/ screw it on, connect it up and you're ready to go


/ smooth, jolt-free movement – no stick/slip effect

/ unlimited slewing range

/ maximum safety through full encapsulation

/ cost-efficient and well-proven technology

/ compact, space-saving and heavy duty

These products are currently in use in wood choppers and in combination forestry vehicles:Forage harvester,Trailer

Aerial Work Platforms slewing drive

Aerial Work Platforms

/ aerial work platforms / cherry pickers/ service vehicles/ construction platforms / construction elevators/ telescopic or articulated platforms/ light / mobile / vehicle-mounted cranes/ underbridge inspection devices/ telescopic work gondolas

/ fire-fighting / elevated rescue platforms

a fully enclosed

/ no sub-components to assemble/ perfectly matched parts/ screw on and plug in/ fast installation/ protective housing


/ maximum durability/ unlimited slewing range/ maximum safety through full encapsulation/ compact and space-saving/ attractive, well thought-out design

mobile cranes

Slew drives for cranes

/ light cranes/ mobile cranes/ overhead cranes/ load cranes/ slewing cranes/ custom cranes/ underbridge inspection devices/ crane trolleys

Zenithund New Energy slew drives have been used for cranes. Its closed housing, long service life, and reliability make it especially impressive.

The brakes on the WD used in this underground crane ensure that the position is locked,even with a load pushing in the opposite direction.Railway slewing crane with cross-beam for positioning track sections - using a WD-L series slew drive.

A WD slew drive with multi-disk brake is located in the rotary boom linkage of this underbridge inspection device.

landfill compactors slewing drive

Self Propelled Modular Transporter

/ gantry cranes/ ship lifts/ harbor mobile cranes/ heavy duty tractors/ side-loader forklifts/ straddle carriers/ slipform paver/ driverless transportation systems/ self-propelled heavy-duty modules

Available in a number of standard sizes.Tailor-made solutions created by our experts using our application technology.Available in corrosion-protected versions. Specially developed for steering applications.


Mixing Spooling Pelletizing Clarifying

Tried and tested standard solutions and special solutions make it possible for Zenithund New Energy to offer better performance, functionality and safety in mixing technology. 

/ mixers / agitators/ grinding technology/ drying systems/ granulating technology/ loading systems/ spooling devices / cable-spooling systems/ pelletizing systems (ores)/ waste-water treatment/ concrete mixer transporters / pivoting conveyor belts

Two slew drives from the WD-L series move this truck-mixer's conveyor belt.


Ship Deck Equipment

/ davits & rescue equipment/ winches/ small deck cranes/ gangways/ fire-fighting guns/ fishing vessel equipment/ deck machinery/ cable-laying ship equipment

Zenithund New Energy supplies a unique product range of slewing bearings and ready-to-install slew drives for all kind of ship deck equipment. 

Small deck crane using a slew drive, WD-H series.Slew drive for fire-gun.Slew drive, WD-L series for the launching gear of a sea rescue boat.

turntable ladders

Special vehicles Fire department & rescue

Elevated rescue platform equipped with a WD-L slew drive.

Slew drives are used in ship-supported water cannon.

The rotating turntable of lift platform is adjusted by a WD-H slew rive and two slewing rings with external gear.

Self Propelled Modular Transporter

Specialty vehicles land, water, rails

/ loading and unloading hoses/ liquid manure shipment/plant protection/ pivoting driver cabs/ slope-mowing devices/ disposal vehicles/ drain-cleaning vehicles/ landfill compactors/ vehicle articulation joints/ municipal excavators/ mobile drilling rigs/ railway vehicles (track maintenance)/ water vehicles (working boats)/ tools on floating platforms

Slew drive from the WD-L series for pivoting loading hose.

This working boat uses a WD-L slew drive for the excavator arm.

Exploration of mineral resources (Mining).Railway vehicle for track cleaning.Loading and unloading hose on a semi-trailer


Deep Mining

/ blast-hole drilling/ cutting outrigger/ erectors/ working platforms

Slew drive in the WD-L range for a special device for insertion of wall reinforcement.

Mine vehicle with horizontal swiveling and telescoping platform,whose arm is moved by a WD-H slew drive.