Persistence & Struggle The Spring Festival


Zenithund New Energy Company: Persistence and struggle on the eve of the Spring Festival

     The Spring Festival is approaching day by day, and all parts of the country are immersed in the joy of the festival. However, at Zenithund New Energy Company, it is a tense and orderly work scene. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the SV series parallel single-axis solar tracking reducer (solar swing drive for short), employees are seizing the time and going all out to put into production.


     On the company's production line, workers wearing blue overalls and safety helmets are operating the machines attentively. Every part and every process undergoes strict quality control to ensure product quality. At the same time, personnel in the technology R&D department are also working overtime to conduct final debugging and optimization of the product to ensure its optimal performance.


     The solar rotary drive is one of the important products of Zenithund New Energy Company and is widely used in the field of photovoltaic power generation. Because it can effectively improve solar energy utilization and reduce energy costs, it has been widely welcomed by the market. In order to meet customer needs, the company increased production efforts on the eve of the Spring Festival to ensure that products can be delivered on time.

     During this special period, the company's management also went to the front line to work side by side with employees. They said: "Although the Spring Festival is the busiest time of the year, in order to meet the needs of customers, we must stick to our posts and ensure high-quality delivery of products."


     In addition to employees and technical R&D personnel on the production line, the company's logistics department is also working intensively. They are responsible for delivering the produced solar swing drives to customers safely and on time. In the process, they not only have to face the challenge of traffic congestion during the Spring Festival, but also deal with possible bad weather. But they said: "As long as the timely delivery of products can be guaranteed, all the efforts are worth it."

     On the eve of this special Spring Festival, the employees of Zenithund New Energy Company used their hard work and sweat to write responsibility and responsibility. They sacrifice their small family for everyone, and use practical actions to interpret the company's corporate culture: innovation, pragmatism, and excellence.


     It is precisely because of such a group of employees who are not afraid of hardships and move forward courageously that Zenithund New Energy Company can remain invincible in the fierce market competition. I believe that in the near future, the company will have a better tomorrow!