2032 Single-Axis Solar Tracker Market


In recent years, the solar tracker market has introduced modern technologies, continuous research and development activities, which have driven the continuous growth of the industry. Solar tracking systems and sensors and controllers also improve the efficiency and performance of single-axis solar tracking. Through the precise human algorithm and the reference of artificial intelligence, the trajectory of the sun's movement and the direct angle are accurately calculated to achieve perfect tracking. And for the first time, composite high-quality materials are used in the production materials of single-axis solar trackers, which enhances the durability and reliability of the trackers and meets the different needs of products in different regions.

1. Manufacturers of single-axis solar trackers have made breakthroughs

In terms of solar power generation, the market share of single-axis solar tracker manufacturing will gradually increase from 2023 to 2025. The single-axis solar tracker rotates the solar panel as a whole, and follows the angle of the sun's direct rays throughout the day to receive the sun's rays to the maximum. This ability improves the efficiency of solar power generation projects, with higher returns, more environmental protection, and better market prospects.

 2. Benefits from the application of solar power generation in the public sector

The ingenious combination of solar power generation and public utility applications, and the increasing understanding and attention to renewable energy have made solar slewing devices more successful.

 3. Solar power generation has become an important new energy source in the Asia-Pacific region

The share of single-axis solar trackers in new energy in the Asia-Pacific region will increase year by year in 2022, and it is expected to achieve greater and broader development from 2023 to 2032. These are all due to the government's promotion and policy support. and the growing need for sustainable power generation worldwide. Among them, the single-axis solar tracker has become the main choice for China, India, and Japan, which are important economies in the Asia-Pacific region, and gradually reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, thereby promoting the development of local green industries.

 4. Single-axis solar tracker industry news

Solar tracker, software and engineering services provider Zenithund has launched an innovative vertically integrated solar tracker system that reduces the number of piles by 18%-36% per megawatt, allowing customers to benefit from lower labor and material costs .

Zenithund has released the Coupled Solar Tracker, a dual-row tracker with a multi-point drive mechanism and a proprietary bi-directional slew drive designed to operate on undulating terrain with slopes up to 15%. A dual-row tracker was built to increase the number of modules used by previous tracker models in a similar project footprint.