Boggi Bearing

boggi bearing

Bogie bearings play an important role in the boggi system. The bogie is an independent component of the vehicle, and there are as few connecting parts as possible between the bogie and the vehicle body. The boggi bearing can maintain the soft connection between the wheel and the bogie, and the rolling of the wheel along the rail is converted into the translational motion of the car body running along the line through the bearing device. At the same time, it also supports the car body, bears and transmits various loads and forces from the car body to the wheels or from the wheel rails to the car body, and evenly distributes the axle load. In addition, boggi bearings can also ensure the safe operation of the vehicle and the flexibility to run along straight lines and smoothly pass curves. In terms of structural design, the bogie bearing needs to facilitate the installation of the spring damping device so that it has good damping characteristics to ease the interaction between the vehicle and the line, reduce vibration and impact, reduce dynamic stress, and improve the vehicle Operational smoothness and safety.

The steps to replace bogie bearings are as follows:

Remove the failed bearing. The best option is to use a puller and a press. Using the puller to safely pull the bearing out of the outer ring can minimize damage to the shaft and housing and save time. If a puller is not available, a separator can also be used to remove the bearing. It is not recommended to use the removed bearing again, but it is necessary to carefully inspect the removed bearing to determine the cause of the bearing failure and summarize experience to protect the bearing when it is used in the future.

When installing new bearings, special care is required. The first is to ensure a clean, dry, vibration-free storage space. Do not open the bearing package before installing the bearing unless required by the instructions. Before starting installation, make sure the bearing housing and shaft are clean and free of burrs. When installing you need to make sure to measure the housing bore and shaft to make sure they are within the recommended tolerances for the bearing and machine.

Please note that the above steps are for reference only and may not apply to all situations. In actual operation, it is also necessary to consult professionals for advice and guidance.

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