SKF Slewing Bearing


SKF's full name is "Svenska Kullagerfabriken", and its Chinese transliteration is "SKF". It is a well-known Swedish manufacturer of bearings, seals, mechatronics, maintenance and lubrication products, services and solutions.

The SKF Group has more than 100 manufacturing bases around the world and its own sales companies in more than 70 countries. It is the world's largest bearing manufacturer with 44,000 employees in 108 manufacturing units. It has the largest industrial distributors in the industry network, with 17,000 distributor locations in 130 countries.

SKF slewing bearing is a device used to bear the load of a machine or equipment while achieving its rotational motion. Such devices are widely used in various industrial sectors, including steel, coal, chemical, paper, cement and food processing industries.

SKF slewing bearings consist of a series of precision parts, including bearings, seals, cages, rolling elements and inner and outer rings. The design and manufacture of these parts require extremely high precision and quality to ensure support stability and durability.

Design features of SKF slewing bearings include:

High load-bearing capacity: SKF slewing bearings can withstand huge radial and axial loads and are therefore suitable for various heavy equipment.

High precision: The manufacturing process of SKF slewing bearings is strictly controlled to ensure its accuracy and quality. This helps improve device performance and stability.

Long life: Due to its high-precision manufacturing process and high-quality materials, SKF slewing bearings have a long service life.

Easy maintenance: The design of SKF slewing bearings takes into account the needs for maintenance and upkeep, making maintenance work simple and easy.

Diversity: SKF slewing bearings are available in many different types and sizes to meet the needs of different equipment.

In practical applications, the main function of SKF slewing bearings is to bear the load of the equipment and allow the equipment to rotate. This enables the device to perform various operations efficiently, such as rotating, flipping or moving. At the same time, due to its high precision and high load-bearing capacity, SKF slewing bearings help improve the performance and stability of equipment and reduce equipment failure rates.

Overall, SKF slewing bearings are high-quality, high-performance devices that are widely used in various industrial fields. Its design and manufacturing are strictly controlled to ensure its precision and quality.

Our company can produce products of the same model as SKF slewing bearings.

Cross Roller Slew Bearing

Cross Roller Slew Bearing

The cross roller slewing bearing has compact structure, light weight, high slewing precision, and can bear axial force, overturning moment and large radial force at the same tim.

Four Point Contact Ball Slew Bearing

Four Point Contact Ball Slew Bearing

The single-row ball slewing ring is composed of outer ring, inner ring, ball and spacer block (cage). The advantages are simple structure, high bearing capacity, stable rotation.

Flange Slew Bearing

Flange Slew Bearing

Flange slewing bearings are light in weight, low in height, flexible in rotation and easy to install, and are widely used in food machinery, filling machinery, environmental pro.