2015 Jinshan Ganzi Solar Photovoltaic Project

    The Jinshan Ganzi Solar Project is located in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. With an average altitude of over 3500 meters above sea level, the area has abundant sunlight and high potential for solar energy development.

    The project, which is jointly invested by Jinshan Group and Ganzi County Government, has a total installed capacity of 600 megawatts, divided into two phases. The first phase, with an installed capacity of 300 megawatts, cost around 160 million RMB to build. The project site is located in the south of Ganzi Prefecture, including the counties of Kangding, Yajiang, Lugu and Daocheng, with a total planned area of about 22.5 square kilometers.solar tracker

    This project adopts the latest photovoltaic technology, with an expected annual generation of 500 million kWh, which is equivalent to saving 160,000 tons of standard coal and reducing 460,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, the project will provide employment opportunities for the local community and promote economic development.

    It is reported that the Jinshan Ganzi Solar Project achieved successful grid connection on September 28, 2021, with the full completion expected by June 2022. This project is a significant investment in renewable energy for Jinshan Group and a major achievement in the development of photovoltaic resources in Ganzi Prefecture.