Rotek Slew Ring Bearing


Rotek Incorporated is a leading North American manufacturer of slewing bearings, including ball and roller slewing bearings and wire raceway slewing bearings. Additionally, Rotek is the market leader in seamless forged steel and non-ferrous rings.

All over the world, Rotek slewing bearings and forged rings are installed in a variety of applications. Rotek slewing bearings and forged rings prove every day to be important structural and connecting elements used in mechanical engineering, harbor cranes, ship deck cranes, truck cranes and construction cranes as well as excavators, antenna systems, offshore technology, rail vehicles, telescopes, tunnel boring machines, wind turbines, underwater turbines and solar power plants.

Rotek Incorporated offers a unique combination of experience and technology in large diameter slewing bearings. Since its founding in 1962, Rotek has designed and manufactured thousands of large diameter slewing rings for a variety of applications. Rotek has pioneered large slewing bearing technology tools for cranes and excavators, military equipment, machines, medical equipment, large antennas, wind turbines and many other applications.

     Various models of Rotek slewing bearings:

1. 1000 series: single row ball slewing ring

The 1000 series slewing bearings use chromium alloy steel balls without spacers and steel rings with unhardened raceways. These slewing rings provide a cost-effective solution for applications requiring low-speed bi-directional rotation with light loads.

2. 2100 series: single row ball slewing ring

The 2100 series bearings are four-point contact slewing bearings with induction hard inclined, offset raceways. The balls are chromium alloy steel and are separated by spacers to prevent ball-to-ball sliding friction. The 2100 series slewing rings are general purpose slewing rings for medium to heavy duty applications.

3. 3000 series: single row ball slewing ring

The 3000 Series slewing rings are an evolution of the classic four-point contact slewing ring design, featuring offset induction hardened raceway construction, the highest degree of raceway wrap and durable ball separators. Within their capabilities, they offer the best combination of economy, reliability and durability.

4. 4000 series: double row ball slewing ring

The 4000 series slewing bearings feature greater internal clearance than the 3000 series models. Advantages include lower frictional torque and the ability to function in mounting structures with less precision and stiffness than other types of slewing rings required.

5. 5000 series: cross roller slewing ring

The 5000 series slewing ring adopts V-groove raceway, and there are two roller passages on each slewing ring. By alternating dividing the rollers at right angles to each other, one half of the rollers transmits the load in one direction and the other half transmits the load transfers the load in the other direction. Compared with the single row ball slewing ring design, the cross roller slewing ring design provides higher theoretical dynamic capacity per unit size, greater stiffness and lower spring rate.

6. 6000 series: high speed slewing ring

The 6000 Series slewing rings are single row, high speed radial ball slewing rings raceway speeds up to 3000 ft/min with proper lubrication. These slewing rings feature a particularly durable radial cage and are capable of continuous high speed operation. High-speed opera needs to be selected according to the dynamic capacity limit, which limits the load more strictly than the static capacity.

7. 7100 series: vertical thrust slewing ring

The 7100 Series slewing rings are single row ball slewing rings designed for applications where the center of force remains within the slewing ring diameter under normal operation. Thrust is transmitted at a contact angle of 90° to make the most efficient use of the slewing ring's capabilities. Lift protection is provided to hold components together in the event of occasional lifting of the load.

8. 8000 series: vertical thrust slewing ring

The 8000 Series slewing rings are single row ball slewing rings designed for applications where the center of force remains within the slewing ring diameter under normal operating conditions. They offer the lowest cost per diameter for heavy pure thrust loads. No mounting holes or gearing provided. Rings, raceways, balls and separators only.

9. 10000 series: three-row roller slewing ring

The 10000 series slewing bearings consist of three rows of independent rollers. Since all loads are transferred directly to the raceway surfaces perpendicular to the load direction, the load-carrying capacity of each rolling element and each raceway surface is used most efficiently. Three-row roller slewing rings offer greater capacity per unit size than any other Rotek design and are inherently the strongest style of construction. Frictional torque is lower than other types of Rotek bearings under most load conditions.

10. Precision rotary ring

Rotek offers precision slewing rings in single row ball, crossed roller and triple row roller configurations.

11. 11000 series: single row ball slewing ring

The 11000 Series slewing rings feature aluminum rings and plastic ball bearings to provide an economical slewing ring for light-duty applications requiring a low-friction, lightweight, corrosion-resistant slewing ring.

12000 series: roller/ball combination slewing ring

The 12000 series slewing ring incorporates one row of balls and one row of rollers into the same slewing ring. This combination of rolling elements is designed to handle small misalignments under relatively high axial loads.