Wide range of applications

photovoltaic power generation tracking, photothermal power generation tracking, aerial work vehicles, fog cannon vehicles, jib of truck-mounted cranes, coal mine drilling equipment, industrial automation, medical equipment, etc.

Long service life

15 years experience in the slew drive industry. The protection level can reach IP65, and the surface anti-corrosion level can be C5, ensuring long-term stable operation in harsh environments.

High product precision

the rotation (tracking) accuracy can be effectively controlled at 0.03°~0.15°, precise control, and improved power generation efficiency.

Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker

are widely used in the solar photovoltaic and photothermal tracking power generation, and can be used in single-axis or dual-axis tracking devices and other products:

The vertical structure design is adopted, which can be adapted to various flanges according to the connection size of the bracket, which effectively improves the efficiency of installation, operation and maintenance of the bracket.

With years of production and processing experience, internal materials, structure, and heat treatment have been optimized, Zenithund's product performance and efficiency are leading in the same industry, and the rotation accuracy can reach ≤0.03°

Toroidal enveloping worm, multi-tooth contact, effectively improving the output torque and holding torque of the product.

The product has static self-locking, and effectively ensure the stability of the bracket.

With special surface treatment and reliable sealing process, anti-corrosion level of the product reaches C5 and the protection level reach IP65

The three-unit linkage (SVE series)  effectively enhances the stability of the bracket and saves cost under the same installing condition for the same area of solar panels.

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